We recommend

Bodegon Alejandro
Calle Fermín Calbetón, nº 4
El Caserio
San Gerónimo, 16

Paseo de Salamanca, 14
La Fabrica
Calle Puerto, 17

ni neu
Avda de la Zurriola, 1
Paseo de Salamanca, 3
Fermin Calbeton , 15



Somewhere between the magnificent, and sometimes difficult, selection of pincho bars and the complex magnificence of the Basque Michelin restaurants, there is a huge category of restaurants in which you can have a wonderful Basque cuisine meal for a reasonable price.  In the north of Spain, siesta is just as important as in the south, but it lasts less due to a more balanced climate. From 1-4pm bars and restaurants are filled with people. Some choose to have a glass of wine and irreplaceable tortilla but the majority prefers the menu of the day, the cost of which varies from 14 € to 18 € for an aperitif, a main course, beverage, bread and dessert (or coffee instead of dessert).