San Sebastian is not a prime tourist destination but promotes an alternative tourism such as cultural, gastronomical, etc. that brings classy and well-behaved crowds. Together with a very conservative Basque culture, this results in an absolute safety on the streets, so that one can fully relax and enjoy the night life. Walking distance between attractions and bars and restaurants staying open pass midnight further contribute to the quality.
There are two types of party destinations – bars and clubs: both having similar cocktails and music. The major difference is that clubs are more spacious and stay open until morning in summer season. Be prepared to pay a cover charge there (which normally includes a free drink) or try to come in before 1 am to enter for free. Pop, latin and regatton music plays everywhere, making even the most aesthetic guests dance until sunrise. Below we describe our favorite night spots – choose the one that suits your style or simply go for a bar-hopping to get most out of your night outing in San Sebastian!

Location: De Alderdi Eder Parkea, 1
Hours:  M: 17:00-1:00, Tue-Th: 17:00-5:00, F/Sat: 17:00-6:30, Sun 17:00-5:00
Music: pop, latin, house
Drinks: 16 signature cocktails, gin tonics
Details:  Gu has a terrace with magnificent views of the bay and a bar with a grand selection of cocktails, which after eleven gradually turns into one of the most popular night clubs in the city and runs until five in the morning. Back in the day, an intellectual techno or a very moderate lounge played here attracting fans of club music in its refined, European version. Nowadays music variation is much broader - you might hear a cheerful regatón and ironic covers on pop hits, to which the whole city starts dancing. Gu’s location is also ideal for events and private parties.

Location: Ave del Boulevard, 5
Hours:  M-F: 15:00-3:30, Sat: 17:00-3:30, Sun: closed
Drinks: 200 kinds of whisky, cocktails, gin tonics
Music: piano bar, folk, pop, latin
Details:  Whiskey Museum has one of the largest collections of whiskeys in the world (as surprising as it may sound), low-key atmosphere and a charismatic owner - Paul Bordonaba, who entertains guests with jokes, games and mixes cocktails. He got the passion for the whiskey from his father, who began gathering collection in 1964 that has grown to such a grand scale. The bar displays 3,400 bottles among which there is the smallest bottle in the world and 200 bottles available for consumption. Those who drink with a particular zeal, yet could still play a piano located on the ground floor – are awarded a Guest of honor certificate.

Location:  Old Town - Calle de Perujoantxo S/N
Hours:  Summer:  M/W/Th: 16:00-3:00, F/Sat: 16:00-4:30
Winter:  M/W/Th/Sun: 16:00-2:30, Tue: closed, F/Sat: 16:00-4:00
Music: pop, latin
Drinks: 80 premium gin tonics, 20 kinds of whisky, 30 premium quality vodka, 50 kinds of premium quality rum, 30 kinds of brandy.

Resisting a taxi and taking a walk back to you place is totally worth it in this city!