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Tamborrada or San Sebastian Day is held on January 20th. The opening ceremony will take place at midnight on January 19th, when a president of gastronomic community Gaztelubide will raise the flag of the city at the Constitution Square.  City residents celebrate the day of the patron saint for more than 150 years with a 24 hour parade of drummers in costumes and brass bands. A week before the parade, streets are filled with the loud sounds of rehearsing drums. The procession involves members of gastronomic communities with centuries of combined history, therefore; one cannot accidentally end up among the drummers.  Kids Tamborrada takes place on the same day and can only be cancelled due to bad weather, which could, certainly, be the biggest disappointment of the year for children. Since Tamborrada is a favorite holiday for the residents of San Sebastian - every donostiarran feels honored to participate in it.
00:00 - The raising of the flag (Location: Constitution Square )
12:00 - Children’s tamborrada (Location: Alderdi Eder )
00:00 - Lowering of the flag (Location: Constitution Square )

Earlier Event: January 5
Three Kings parade
Later Event: February 20