Let rare meat melt in your mouth

Many San Sebastian tourists are interested in the question: what, if not pintxos? Tired of sandwiches and snacks at the end of the third day in the city, they start planning a real dinner. Perhaps the most popular option here, if you don’t choose fresh fish and seafood, is chuleta. The most common version is the beefsteak on the bone prepared on charcoals. Traditionally chuleta is served rare. Of course, it is possible to order it well-done, but the chef (and the waiter) would be skeptical of this idea and immediately guess that you are ordering chuleta for the third time in your life and haven’t had a chance to really taste it.
How do you make sure that rare meat is delicious and melts in your mouth? The owner of Nestor Bar said that it is important to have two components: meat quality and the way it must be hung for several days to develop a deep red color and juicy texture. Many restaurants in the Old Part work mainly with local produce. For the Basques it is a question of prestige and quality. Nestor Bar on Pescaderia Street in the old town is a truly unique place. In the menu: unbeatable tortilla, traditional tomato salad with sea salt flakes and olive oil, chuleta, and fried green peppers of Gipuzkoa. There's only one table in the bar - people are ready to eat standing up.  The secret here is quality and, in some sense,  the quantity: tortilla is prepared twice a day and sold only to those who made a reservation one hour prior to serving.  Fashionable French writer Begbedder and Olsen twins stand in line here for chuleta. Come and see for yourself.
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