Get to know the inventors of a basque pie with custard & crushed almonds


They say that queen Maria Cristina felt particularly fond of cookies from the confectionery Otaegui. Thanks to these subtle monarchy feelings, cookies received the "royal" title, and confectionery - a prestigious status of the royal court supplier. History of this store is calculated for more than a century, and reputation of Otaegui is still as brilliant as in those days when the confectionery sold candles from beeswax. Today, in addition to the local aristocracy, the confectionery is visited by people from the province and tourists from all over the world. During the war, Pedro Otaegi's wife, who, actually, wasn't a pastry chef, invented a cake recipe, which was destined to become a bestseller for years - the famous Panchineta - a puff pastry pie with custard, sprinkled with crushed almonds. It is still the hallmark of all five bakeries Otaegui in San Sebastian.
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