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N.06 gourmet shop, bar and restaurant

N.06 is quite a unique place in San Sebastian. It is not just a wine store and a gourmet shop, it is also a cozy place where you can have a cup of coffee, lunch or a snack while tasting different wines from their wide selection.
Here you will find beloved classics and the experimental novelties of biodynamic wineries such as light white, including sparkling, exotic rosé and deep red wines from Spain, France, Italy & other countries.
If making a choice among this diversity becomes challenging, there is always an option to try several different wines at the bar and bring home your favorites. 
While you are at the bar, pay attention to the original pintxos, or move to the restaurant to try different dishes cooked at low temperatures and then brought to readiness on the grill.
Address: Garibai, 6
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mimo pop-up bar

A new unusual bar opened up atthe San Martin grocery market in the very center of San Sebastián.  While walking by the market’s stands with delicacies, colorful fruits and vegetables from local farms and beautiful flowers - stop for a bite to eat at the stylish Mimo bar.  There you can try famous Basque snacks in the original Mimo’s recreation, while discussing shopping and watching the local crowd.  Mimo’s chef Mateus Mendez, of French and Brazilian origin, cooks local dishes in his interpretation: Basque fish soup, but with a taste of red curry or a delicious freshly caught hake yet cooked in banana leaves.  Hurry to visit this unique bar as it will only be open  until the end of September.
Address: Urbieta Kalea, 9
Mercado San Martín
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Bar-restaurant Cepa

If you came to San Sebastian to see how the Basques live, what bars they go to, what dishes they prefer, then this place is for you. La Cepa is a classic Basque bar-restaurant with a traditional menu.  At the entrance you will see a long bar lined with the famous pintxos and cured pork legs hanging from the ceiling.  This world-famous jamon will be cut right in front of you, so that you can taste this delicacy.  It is for the jamon and other Iberian charcuterie La Cepa is famous. However, their classic seasonal dishes are just as good: green pappers Guindias from the surrounding fields, stewed white mushrooms from the forests of Navarra and, of course, the freshest fish and seafood straight from the ocean.  La Cepa also offers options for people with nutritional restrictions: at your request, the chef can prepare any dish from the restaurant or bar menu taking into account the peculiarities of your diet.
Address: 31 de Agosto, 7
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