We recommend

Bar Urtxori-Bi
Calle Bermingham, 17

Gora Bera
Calle Bermingham, 3

Mercado San Martín
Urbieta, 9

Thursday evenings in San Sebastian are dedicated to the pintxo pote: Barcelona's anti-crisis scheme, designed to bring people back to the bars, adapted well in this city.  From 7-11 pm the usual price of pintxos (2 euros) includes a small beverage. A socio-cultural phenomenon, that brings people together on the streets of Gros district.  They socialize while eating their mini portions on the sidewalk. A more luxurious version of the pintxo pote, called gastro pote, takes place near Buen Pastor cathedral and includes, among other things, live music and sushi at a price of pintxo.