Pintxo Pote in San Sebastian

Pintxo Pote - a Basque version of happy hour - is a weekly event in which participating bars offer a free pintxo when you buy a drink. The usual day for pintxo pote is Thursday, but in some bars do it on Wednesday or other days to avoid competition. Pintxo pote started as an anticrisis measure almost a decade ago but quickly became a popular part of the Basque culture. Some bars offer specific pintxos during pintxo pote nights, others include a whole selection or cook some specials. It is an excellent opportunity to eat out for cheap, meet with friends or mingle with strangers… this is if full bars and crowded streets do not scare you.

We recommend:

Bar Urtxori-Bi
Calle Bermingham, 17

Gora Bera
Calle Bermingham, 3

Mercado San Martin
Urbieta, 9