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N.06 gourmet shop, bar and restaurant

N.06 is quite a unique place in San Sebastian. It is not just a wine store and a gourmet shop, it is also a cozy place where you can have a cup of coffee, lunch or a snack while tasting different wines from their wide selection.
Here you will find beloved classics and the experimental novelties of biodynamic wineries such as light white, including sparkling, exotic rosé and deep red wines from Spain, France, Italy & other countries.
If making a choice among this diversity becomes challenging, there is always an option to try several different wines at the bar and bring home your favorites. 
While you are at the bar, pay attention to the original pintxos, or move to the restaurant to try different dishes cooked at low temperatures and then brought to readiness on the grill.
Address: Garibai, 6
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whiskey museum bar

This year famous Whiskey Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary. Well-established donostiarra bar has one of the largest collections of whiskeys in the world (as surprising as it may sound), low-key atmosphere and a charismatic owner - Paul Bordonaba, who entertains guests with jokes, games and mixes cocktails. He got the passion for the whiskey from his father, who began gathering collection in 1964 that has grown to such a grand scale. The bar displays 3,400 bottles among which there is the smallest bottle in the world and 200 bottles available for consumption. Those who drink with a particular zeal, yet could still perform a song accompanied by pianist are awarded with Guest of honor certificate.
Address: Alameda del Blvd, 5
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the Yellow Deli

This unique place is quite different from loud bars and restaurants of San Sebastian. The main concept of this place is peace and harmony of the soul, so everything here contributes to it: cozy interior with harmonic wood trim, smiling waiters and, of course, healthy food. The menu here contains fresh salads from the garden, delicious sandwiches including vegan, juicy fruit salads, homemade desserts and delicious mate. The restaurant has a warm, rustic atmosphere. That was the main goal of the founders, who started this chain in the 70s in Tennessee. The Yellow Deli has become a meeting place for spiritually seeking young people. They have been coming here to relax and distant themselves from the hustle of the world.
Address: Etxague Jenerala kalea, 5
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