The first farmer’s market in San Sebastian, steeped in with local history with magnificent architectural design, arose before Buen Pastor cathedral appeared on the city map, in the 19th century. The market of San Martin was a miniature copy of that in Bayonne, but offered very different produce. Instead of French cheeses and wines, there was a variety of vegetables, meats and cereals. Several years ago, the old building was demolished. In its place a shopping center was built that combines under one roof a flagship Zara, multi-media store Fnac, a supermarket, and the farmers market itself.
Another farmers market, la Bretxa, is also worth visiting. Its counters are located in the gallery connecting the boulevard and la Bretxa plaza. The market is small but notable for its floral section, cozy atmosphere and vendors that sell superior quality self-grown products by local farmers. There are many other farmers markets that sporadically appear in different neighborhoods and suburbs of San Sebastian known only to locals. Fairs and fiestas often accompany these events at which you might find Basque folk music and dance, enjoy grilled txistorra (basque pork sausage) and cider straight from the barrels. The locations of these secret farmers' markets can be found here.
Walking through the market can be a great start to a Saturday morning.