Farmer Markets

As most medieval cities, San Sebastian was a major trading hub for the nearby areas. Nowadays, it still remains a place where local farmers come to sell their fresh produce.

San Martín farmers market

The construction of San Martin farmers market began in 1882. Since then, the building and the purpose of the market itself has been through a process of actualization and modernization that has allowed it to keep up with the wants and needs of the Basque society. Nowadays, the two structures hold several flagship stores like technology-oriented Fnac and fashion retailer Zara. However, at the heart of the building remains an area where sell their top quality products.

La Bretxa farmers market

In addition to the farmers market in San Martín, there are other smaller ones, such as the one held in La Bretxa market. Some others happen in specific dates all over the city and they will often be accompanied by fairs. So if you run into traditional Basque music and the smell of grilled txistorra (a traditional type of Basque chorizo) you should follow it because there is a good chance you will come upon an exquisite chance to buy local products straight from the people that grow d sell