Desserts, sweets and patisseries

Whether or not you usually have a sweet tooth, we all like to indulge in some delicious dessert. Whatever the case, both the occasional and the professional eater of sweets are in luck in the city of San Sebastian!

French desserts and patisserie

San Sebastian is very close to the border with France, and historically there has been a lot of cultural exchange in the city. This can be seen in the architectural style of the rebuilt city, as well as in the proliferation of French style desserts and patisserie. These shops will often announce their presence with the amazing smell of their goods spilling over the streets, attracting those who would love a break in their day to enjoy the sweet creations.

This cultural exchange isn’t unidirectional, though. There is a type of cake, known as Gâteau Basque in French and pastel vasco in Spanish - both meaning “Basque Cake”. This cake’s origins are in the French side of the Basque Country, where it was traditionally filled with cherry jam. By the 19th century, other versions with cream filling started appearing. Nowadays, it is the one that can be found in any pastry shop of San Sebastian. Both types are sold, usually with a different design on top to make it easier to tell them apart.

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Gran Vía, 19

Artisanal chocolate and other sweets

The breath of culinary options is always surprising in San Sebastian. In addition to the glamorous patisserie, many other types of sweets and desserts can be found in the city. Cozy shops scattered around the city offer handmade truffles, sliced orange covered in dark chocolate and all types of cakes for the enjoyment of those who would want to treat themselves to such delights, often accompanied by expertly brewed coffee or tea or a freshly pressed juice.