Enjoy the spirit of an old Spanish plaza


Plaza de Constitución is one of the most coziest squares in the city. It was once a bullring that to the present day displays box numbers on the balcony doors.  Today it is a typical tourist must have - a square where guides bring their groups, where pigeons wonder and children play, where live music is often played and can be enjoyed from the cozy bar terraces. This is the place where Tamborrada starts on San Sebastian's Day and where Santo Tomás is celebrated. 
The terrace of Lanbroa bar is one of the most inviting and attractive. Its terracotta umbrellas and green garlands create an atmosphere of a homely terrace at night, and during the day perfectly correlate with strict facades. People mostly come here to have a snack or cocktails. The menu of the bar consists of small dishes, jamon and local cheeses served on traditional wooden cut-boards. Among cocktails there’s Kir Roayl, Pina Colada, Margarita - standard worldwide and yet hard-to-find in San Sebastian. One can spend quite a long time here in the evening with a glass of crianza while watching people, shadows in the sky or rainwater streams – the terrace is especially comfy when it rains.
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