Enjoy the spirit of an old Spanish plaza


Plaza de Constitución is one of the most coziest squares in the city. It was once a bullring that to the present day displays lodge numbers on the balcony doors.  Today it is a typical tourist must have - a plaza with terraces, where guides bring their groups. This is the place where Tamborrada starts on San Sebastian's Day and whereSanto Tomás is celebrated.  The terrace of Gott bar is one of the most inviting and attractive. Gorgeous black umbrellas and red light glowing pedestals create quite a Spanish mood in the evening, and perfectly correlates with the strict facades during the day. People come here for breakfast - a special morning Gott's combo includes a jamon plate, warmed bread, orange juice, seasonal fruit and, of course, a cup of coffee.  Biscuits and variety of pintxos are also offered in the menu for those who prefer a fuller breakfast. It is possible to spend quite a long time here in the evening with a glass of crianza while watching people, shadows in the sky or rainwater streams – the terrace is especially comfy when it rains.
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