Enjoy grilled octopus and a magnificent view of
Basilica of Santa Maria


Atari is a universal place in San Sebastian.  Everyone meets here - deliberately or accidentally.   It is an excellent place to begin or end a day. It is equally nice for having breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as for tasting cocktails. Locals and foreigners love to come here. Quinoa salad and a traditional Basque aperitif with anchovies, tuna and olives co-exist perfectly in the menu here.  Despite the great overflow of tourists all year round, the waiters here remain polite and the food never loses its quality. Most importantly - if you did not find an unoccupied table on the terrace or inside - you can still order your food (even if it is a Chuleta steak) and eat it on the conveniently-located steps of a nearby church. And you won't be alone with this intention. The menu here is small, but sensible: you can choose from cold pinchos from the bar or start with light snacks and salads from their menu. There is also an excellent chuleta there and five amazing desserts. However, the number one dish with unrivaled taste in the unspoken local ranking is a grilled octopus, which is served with baked potatoes, and slowly grilled onions and red peppers. This is an absolute “food porn”, in both the taste and aesthetic senses.
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