Dance away to the great music and amazing views


San Sebastian is hardly considered as a nightlife mecca but rather a gastronomic pearl, yet after satisfying your taste receptors during a very late dinner or a delayed midnight “pincho hunting" – a nice cocktail followed by dancing is a fairly common practice. Gu in this sense is an absolutely unique place. Located, let's say, on the upper deck of the “ship” that is both a landmark of the city and a private sea club, Gu is a combination of a restaurant with a small but rather exquisite menu, a terrace with magnificent views of the bay and comfy chairs, and a bar with a grand selection of cocktails, which after eleven gradually turns into one of the most popular night clubs in the city and runs until five in the morning. Back in the day, an intellectual techno or a very moderate lounge played here, attracting fans of club music in its refined, European version. Nowadays music variation is much broader - you might hear a cheerful regatón and ironic covers on pop hits, to which the whole city starts dancing. Gu’s location is also ideal for events and private parties.
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