Reserve a lunch in the former brewery


People come to La Fabrica that is located in the old town for a tasting
menu. This is a sit-down dinner or lunch in the interior of the former beer
factory - a great alternative to quick pintxos that is more typical for the
old town. They offer a balanced mix of traditional Basque meals with a
modern touch. The meal begins with an aperitif of a cold or hot soup,
depending on the season. You might want to continue with appetizers: a plate
of anchovies marinated in oil, acorn ham, grilled green peppers or foie with
fig jam - these are always of high quality here. Next, choose from a fish
soup, a classic Basque salad with lettuce and excellent tuna or an original
salad with oven-baked peppers, hot-papers and anchovies. For the main
course, there's meat or fish from favorite Basque recipes - chuleta with
fluffy mashed potatoes or hake fillet with sweet pepper sauce. Their
desserts are especially amazing. Choose a plate with complex chocolate
textures or a compote of berries with raspberry ice cream balls melted
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