Spend your lunch at the restaurant overlooking the river.


The restaurant on the riverfront overlooking Kursaal is named after a small village in the Basque part of France. Its culinary concept is also a mixture of French and Basque.  The menu includes traditional Basque cuisine with a modern touch, and Urepel's style, mood and serving resembles a classic French restaurant. Especially popular are Urepel's lunches as on weekdays and weekends.
It is worth it to take an extra time and carefully study the menu of the day.  Order an appetizer to share: you can choose from homemade mini croquettes, or a plate of thinly sliced ham, or a fresh foie gras served with a variety of jams and a glass of dessert wine. There's a great choice of salads for the first dish from the traditional Basque tomato salad with tuna to more modern options, such as salads with shrimps and avocado dressing.  If you don’t feel for a salad, a soup could be a pleasant alternative: a hot fish stew "Donostiarra" or a cold Salmorejo with mascarpone and a slice of green apple. For the main course, you might find a hake fillet with vegetables tempura, or a squid in its own ink sauce, or a local delicacy- beef cheeks slow cooked in red wine. The selection of deserts is also extensive. Our personal preferences are the traditional Basque sweets like rice pudding or a cheese platter with quince jam and walnuts.
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