Try high quality ice-cream made of natural products


Home bakery Oiartzun, located at the corner of Boulevard and Mayor streets, is famous for its seven kinds of chocolate truffles and the best croissants in the city. The latter are served with a freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee - making it, perhaps, the most popular type of breakfast in San Sebastian. Adjacent to the bakery sharing its name, a small shop opened in 2010, which started making and selling excellent homemade ice-cream. Oiartzun's ice cream is very different from other local producers.  They use natural products in every flavor - if it's a pistachio ice cream, there will be real pistachio nuts rather than pistachio paste. Oiartzun produces 49 different flavors out of which 45 do not contain gluten. In addition to the classical flavors - strawberry, chocolate, vanilla - Oiartzun offers rare and unique choices. We can tell you with confidence that Donostia ice cream, produced here with a flavor of the Basque Idiazabal cheese, peach jam and almonds, you would not find anywhere else. This taste has been specially created in honor of San Sebastian - 2016 European cultural capital, so try it exclusively this season.  The ice-cream shop is open from noon to midnight, and keep it mind that at 8pm stronger flavors such as mojito, licorice, and their exclusive spring, summer, fall ice-creams appear on the stand for the evening customers.  Enjoy it at fullest while you can, the shop closes in November for the winter break.
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