Taste high quality burgers in the heart of the city


Basque cuisine, in general, is quite traditional. If sandwiches are now a part of the day-to-day life, thanks to short lunches and the general love to French baguettes, - hamburgers are still considered as not so healthy fast food here. The trend on high-quality hamburgers came to San Sebastian quite late but is slowly digging in here. 
Muuk café with sophisticated interior design is situated in the Constitution Square, where you can find fancy burgers made of quality meat on gluten-free buns, complemented with a complex combination of additional ingredients. In the menu, there are six kinds of hamburgers. The most outstanding are:  Kobe - with Japanese beef and bacon, Donosti – made of chuleta, famous Basque cheese Idiazabal and spinach leaves, and our personal favorite - La Consti - with mozzarella, avocado, basil and pesto sauce. Five kinds of fried potatoes with different sauces: Ali Oli - a mixture of tomato sauce with mayonnaise, Tximitxurri - acute Argentine sauce and Italianas - a mixture of blue cheese with pesto.There are also options for vegetarians - a falafel burger with apple and teriyaki sauce, as well as couscous with nuts, raisins and fresh cottage cheese.
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