Bread is very popular in San Sebastian - a daily must; a way of life. Bakeries are located on every corner and seduce customers with the smell of ground coffee beans and delicious, freshly-baked pastries in the French style. It depends on the size of the bakery but usually there are at least ten types of bread (from integral to unsalted to from simply yummy and not-so-healthy). Here, you can always have a leisurely breakfast, read the newspaper and, of course, make a conversation with the locals.  Small talk at the bakery is another great opportunity to practice Spanish. In addition to traditional bakeries such as Oggi Beri, Takona or Lekuna, new bakeries have emerged.  Some have Scandinavian style design with decent collections of high-quality tea (Gogoko), others an open kitchens and a baking courses for those who are interested (Loaf).